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5 Best Places To Grab The Crispiest Garlic Bread In North Campus Starting @ 70 Bucks


Garlic bread, a yummy combination of bread, cheese and herbs that melts in your mouth, is everyone's all time favourite. We all love some good garlic bread but isn't it difficult to find that perfect one for your palate? Don’t you get disappointed when you get a flavourless plate of garlic bread? 

That's exactly why we went around and did the work for you. Here's presenting to you, a list of the best garlic breads that we found around North Campus starting at just Rs 70! 

1. ‎Abongchiiz

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Located on Hudson Lane, Abongchiiz is one of the most underrated food outlets here which serves amazing Chinese food. It’s perfect for perpetually-broke people (we mean you) and with its chill ambience and decent decor, this place offers lots of yummy dishes. 

Their Exotic Garlic bread for Rs 119 is a food blogger's dream dish. With just the right amount of tasty veggies like corn, bell peppers, capsicum and topped with cherry tomatoes, this one is a must try!

Price | Rs 78 Onwards
Location | 9 DDA Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar
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2. Cafeteria & CO.

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Our favourite place on this list, everyone at North Campus knows and loves Cafeteria & CO. With their unique decor, amazing ambience and bang for the buck food, it’s rare to find a spot here without having to wait. For Rs 109, we had the perfect Garlic Bread Ricotta here and were left craving for more!

Price | Rs 109
Location | G 14, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar
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3. Bistro 57

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Our very own Bistro 57, the go-to place for all North Campus peeps has an outlet in Vijay Nagar. So there's no way we could leave them out of this list. For Rs 70, the cheapest of the lot, their Garlic Bread had us smacking our lips. Light and super cheesy, yet easy on the pocket, it will not disappoint your taste buds and will leave you wanting for more!

Price | Rs 70
Location | Shop No. B 29/B, Vijay Nagar, Opposite Mother Dairy
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4. PhoneBooth Cafe

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Located smack in the center of Hudson Lane, this cafe's entrance marks its territory. Famous for its pizzas with an Indian twist, this place ended up on our list with their Three Cheese Garlic Bread. Loaded with parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar, this delish dish was full of Italian herbs!

Price | Rs 139
Location | G14B, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar
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5. Sambookas

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Relatively new, this absolutely beautiful cafe in Hudson Lane has a lot to offer. With its super cute and cozy corners and adorable decor, it's one of the most Insta-worthy cafes out there. At Rs 145, their Garlic Bread was presented along with flavoured mayo and coriander leaves to top it off. 

The colourful plating was hard to resist and we must say that the crunch was totally on point!

Price | Rs 149
Location | No. 6-7, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar
Check Out Their FB Page |

So next time if you have those garlic bread cravings, you know where to head to!