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5 Beer-y Reasons Why You Need To Head To This Fresh Beer Cafe In DLF Galleria!

So Delhi 11 July 2017


If you’ve been in Delhi for long and have seen the food scene in and around town up close, then you need no explanation about the what, where and why of Sector 29 in Gurgaon. It’s an ever brimming space with food outlets and equally enthu foodies, who’re constantly seen streaming in and out of the myriad restaurants that grace the place.

This buzzing and brimming tends to get a lil overwhelming at times, and on such occasions all you gotta do is drive a bit further to DLF Galleria Market and once there, make a beeline straight to this fresh beer cafe!

We give you 5 reasons that makes Uptown Fresh Beer Cafe worth a visit and the perfect excuse to give the chaos @ sector 29 a miss. Here goes!

1. Beer-y Fresh Beer  

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They boast of a microbrewery that serves some real fresh and flavourful beer. Crisp and light, the golden beauties (they’ve multiple variants) would make any beer lover salivate in anticipation! You gotta try their German Wheat Lager, which is an absolute hot seller!

2. Happy To (Help) Serve

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Their service is top notch and sure to leave you with a memorable experience. The waitstaff is prompt and will be around for any sort of assistance, be it recommendations or special requests, they’ll put a smile on your face with their impeccable service!

3. Great Grub = #FoodGoalsMet

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They’re known for their global cuisines from delish Indian fare to Oriental, Italian, Tex Mex and even Continental. They dish out some of the most lip smacking kebabs, pizzas and quick bites! You gotta dig into their Uptown Fiesta, Crispy Fried Calamari & Mushroom Rago fo’ sure!

4. Say Goodbye To Parking Woes

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Because of its uptown location, you’ll find parking here in a jiffy. Their prime location promises ample parking space in Galleria, so now you can head on over with your extended family without having to stress about parking! 

5. Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

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The place features some of the most trending playlists with some smashing music and videos to groove to. They don’t do any Bollywood, no sir, instead they have a personally curated playlist that rolls out foot-tapping music while its music video plays on the screen! Cool, na?

Be it food, people, ambience or the beer, this place will check all the must-haves on your list. Right from the fare to the music, it serves as a great place to laze around with friends and family and unwind over endless fresh mugs of beer!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,500
Location | Uptown Fresh Beer Cafe, 106, DLF Galleria, Phase IV, Gurugram
Ring Ring | +91 8527 009 985
Check Out Their FB Page |