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40 Hotels And 80 Banquet Halls Will Be Used To Set Up 20,000 Beds In The City

Delhi Insider 18 June 2020


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These days our newsfeed is filled with countless articles and figures raising concerns about the rising number of new infections every day. So, to ensure that there is an adequate number of hospital beds in the city for those infected by the disease, this is what the Delhi Government plans to do.

Increasing The Bed Count In The City | The Delhi Government has asked district magistrates and other officials to set up approximately 20,000 more beds within a week. 40 hotels and 80 banquet halls will be converted into health facilities providing medical care to the patients. The North-West district administration has ordered for transforming 22 banquet halls into medical facilities, where the govt. will set up 3,300 beds.  

So, basically the plan is to tie up banquet halls with nursing homes while hotels will be tied up with hospitals. Hotels will have 4,000 beds, banquet halls will have 11,000 and the nursing homes will have 5,000 beds. Plus, the central govt. has also decided to provide 500 train coaches transformed into healthcare facilities, immediately. 

Let’s do our bit towards the society by staying away from crowded places and not stepping out unless it’s an absolute necessity. 

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