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4 Hours, 240 Mins & 18,000 Bottles Later: Look What Your #FoolPower With Bira91 Did!

So Delhi 13 Apr 2017


Remember Bira’s #FoolPower offer this April? Did you take a swig? Did your friends join in too? Great! ‘Cause we hear you guys had one helluva time downing those chilled beers.

Bira91 reached out to us and we were told that they served - get this - a bottle every 1.25 seconds on the day! Really, you guys! Guess there are more of us with a beer fancy to take care of, eh? *Grins* Within a span of those 4 hours, 240 minutes and 14,400 seconds, they eventually ended up emptying 750 cases worth 18,000 bottles!! *WOAH*

This couldn't get any cooler and you guys have been such a sport to join in all this! This is so amazing & a great group hug on that!