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300 Smart Bikes Have Now Been Introduced So Gear Up To Pedal Your Way Through Delhi



Currently, the city’s pollution seems to be the top cause of concern for everyone and for good reason! The deteriorating air quality has got us all worried and we need some immediate relief. And looks like NDMC has a plan up with their sleeves. Keep reading as we tell you what they’re up to this time around.

What’s Happening? | In a bid to curb pollution within the capital, the NDMC recently introduced 300 smart bikes in Delhi. These bikes are a part of the Public Bicycle Share service that will be made available to everyone across the city. The idea is to boost last mile connectivity as well as encouraging eco-friendly modes of transportation.

These 300 smart bicycles will be made available at 50 stations across the city. In addition to these 300 bikes, 200 more will be added by the end of this month, which is awesome! These smart bikes will be available free of cost for the first 30 minutes and then Rs 10 will be charged for every subsequent 30 minutes. Once you become a member, you can issue these bikes on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

Great job, NDMC!

Sourced Via The Financial Express