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30 Shops & Restaurants In Khan Mkt Could End Up Being Sealed Shut TODAY By NDMC Y'All


With the authorities going full-steam and sealing various markets in the capital city, here’s some more bad news - about 30 shops/restaurants in Khan Market MIGHT fall victim this time and this might just happen TODAY! 

Why We’re Crying Buckets RN | About 30 leading restaurants and shops located on the first floor and above in Khan Market could be sealed today! The Supreme Court has directed the NDMC to look into this matter and work on the original 2012 plan where the MCD began to seal all the commercial outlets that were utilizing land illegally. DAMN! 

This committee has given orders to seal the first and higher floors of Khan Market because of misuse of land. 

The market is deemed as a local shopping complex, and as per the masterplan, the traders who are utilizing land as commercial spots will have to pay a use conversion charge, which is a one time investment of Rs 22,274 per square metre to the local body. 

If the land use of a particular plot is for residential purposes, the owner will have to pay the 'use conversion charges' to convert the plot into a commercial one.

This use of conversion charge has to be paid by 106 shopping complexes in Delhi, and in case they fail to do so, these properties will simply be sealed shut! First they seal all the restaurants on the ground floor of Khan Market’s middle lane and now the first and higher floors? What is happening to our fave market!! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India