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3 Whole Days Of All-Out Family Fun & A Magic Land Awaits You @ CandyPOPS In Nehru Park

So Delhi 20 Nov 2017


Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy things that will make your heart happy! So if you’re the happy-go-lucky kind who loves a good day spent with the fam, then CandyPOPS fest is the one for you!

Action-Packed Day | A multi-activity park that combines all-out family entertainment with an action packed activity schedule - something they like to call a Magic Land! Cute! This 3 day event is packed with activities crafted to celebrate & support learning, playing, curiosity and discovery for children & their families, as they learn and grow together.

They’ve got the finest quality performing arts programs for young people, in an environment which will only encourage them to get involved in things even more. Critical thinking and a lifelong interest in learning, ideas and cultural exploration, with such incentives in hand, CandyPOPS is surely an event that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Seeya there!

When | Sat & Sun, 3rd & 4th February
Timings | 11 AM Onwards
Where | PSOI Club, Nehru Park
Entry | Rs 500 (Adults) & Rs 1,700 ( Kids Upto 17 Years)
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