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3 Things Like Malai Chaap & Shahi Roll To Try Starting At Rs 70 @ Chaap Point, Ramesh Nagar


We visited a little-known food market in Ramesh Nagar, which is home to one of the most famous eateries amongst the locals, called Chaap Point. Situated in the corner of a busy junction, this dhaba serves only vegetarian chaaps and tikkas. Read ahead to see the dishes that we tried there!

1. Malai Chaap

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We ordered half a plate of their delicious looking Malai Chaap which came served with separate plates of sliced onions and some piquant pudina chutney. Though we liked the look of the chaaps, they were dripping with an excessive amount of butter. We could taste the overabundance of it with the first bite of the snack. The chaaps and the masala, however, were perfectly cooked and could've tasted much better sans the overkill of the grease. The soya was soft and tasted great with the chutney. If you happen to order one of these, make sure to ask the cook to go easy on the oil!

Price | Rs 70

2. Paneer Tikka

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The plate consisted of large cubes of paneer with pieces of onions, tomatoes, capsicums and was with the side of the classic pudina chutney. While we liked the taste of the crisp paneer cubes that were soft on the inside, this dish too, had plenty of butter. Overall, the texture and the taste of the cottage cheese compensated for the superfluity of the oil, and we enjoyed the classic snack when dunked in the chutney. Come and try it for yourself!

Price | Rs 120

3. Shahi Chaap Roll

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This snack had large chunks of soya with pieces of onions wrapped in a thin and soft rumali roti. We liked how the shahi gravy was thick and did not drip from the roll. The soya chunks were soft and uber-delicious & tasted great with our beloved spicy pudina chutney. The rolls, however, did turn soggy, but we loved how it still managed to retain its flavour. This hot and fresh item is something you should definitely try at this place!

Price | Rs 100

The snacks that this place whips up have potential but alas, turn out to be a let down due to the unnecessary loading of the dishes with butter. The individual taste of the chaaps and paneer slices, however, was wonderful, and we absolutely loved having them with their special pudina chutney. The ambience of the eatery is that of a typical dhaba, and we thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the open area despite the noise of the traffic thanks to the weather being in our favour. You can check Chaap Point out if you’re looking for a casual hangout place with your buddies one lazy evening!  

Where | Chaap Point - Appu Town, Near Gol Chakkar Park, Ramesh Nagar, Kirti Nagar
Call Them | +91 9711 253 782
Timings | 11 AM - 11 PM