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3 Iconic Delhi Markets Including Yashwant Place & Khan Market Are Set For A Major Revamp



Hey guys! So something huge is on the cards at three of the most iconic markets in Delhi - Khan Market, Khanna Market and Yashwant Place. Wanna know what’s happening? Then keep reading as we give you all the deets!

Revamping Delhi’s Iconic Markets | So the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) is all set to give a facelift to three prominent marketplaces, those being, Khan Market, Khanna Market and Yashwant Place. The civic authority is all set to start work on Yashwant Place and Khanna Market by January next year, and we can’t wait to see the changes.

Khan Market’s revamp still awaits approval from the authorities and might take around three years to be completed. The plan is to strengthen utility services at the marketplaces, make provisions for fire safety, rebuild common areas, provide internet access and install street furniture. How cool!

Yashwant Place is known to be the home of the iconic Chanakya Cinema and its famous momo joints, not to mention the underground leather market. However, its popularity has seen a huge dip off late, mainly due to poor maintenance of infrastructure. But now, SDMC has decided to revamp this market and include disabled-friendly roads, an amphitheatre and LED screens in the market.

Well, we’re very impressed by NDMC’s initiative to restore the former glory of these three important marketplaces in Delhi. Can’t wait to see them all decked up!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times