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3 Badass Nanis From Delhi Went On A Road Trip Covering 5 States In 29 Days With Swag!

Three grannies from Delhi have given us some major level travel goals and you can’t even compare this to anything! Neeru Gandhi (60), Monicka Chanana (51) and Sarita Manocha (62) are no ordinary women. They’ve travelled all the way from Delhi to Rameshwaram by road while covering 5 major states en-route! WOAH! 

While most grandparents use their later years to relax and spend time at home, these three grannies set out on a trip by themselves to shatter all stereotypes tagged with old age! Their journey was 4,440-kms long and took them 29 days, with 23 stopovers. During this journey, they covered 5 major states - Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka AND Tamil Nadu! WOAH! 

They faced all sorts of challenges like flat tyres, dealing with cops and major level car breakdowns, but that didn’t stop these ladies who were all set to change the mindsets of millions! With great power and inspirational drive, these women overcame all obstacles and made their trip a successful one! 

There was no driver accompanying these ladies - they drove through all these various terrains and were welcomed by various shocked faces here and there. Building memories worth a lifetime, these nanis have set major #TravelGoals that we’re definitely inspired by! Time to make that vacay WhatsApp group again y’all! 

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Their proud families back home maintained a blog, from which we’ve got some images for you to check out: