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24 Artists, 100 Containers! Street Art Festival Slated to Go on Display @ Inland Container Depot

So Delhi 13 Apr 2021


After literally spraying the town with shades of creativity and beauty, the Street Art Festival has now progressed to the Inland Container Depot - Asia’s largest dry port where artists are working non-stop to put together a massive street art show! Yay!

Although artists will continue to paint their masterpieces throughout Feb, this space will act as an exhibition venue that we can witness till 31st Jan onwards.

24 artists, 100 containers - all in 1 month. Are you guys ready to see it all in action? We’re definitely going on over for the launch on the 31st! 

Where | Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad
When | 31st January - 28th February (Thursday to Sunday)
Entry | Free