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21 Pubs & Restaurants In HKV Were Shut Down Last Saturday & We're Super Bummed!

Delhi Insider 26 Sept 2017


The nightlife in HKV was anyway dying of late, and now it’s time to goodbye to it for sometime at least, as 21 restaurants/pubs in the area were sealed off on Saturday due to certain security issues! *Damn*

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee ordered these 21 pubs to shut down because none of them followed the requisite waste norms and some of them didn’t even have a license! The authorities sealed these restaurants saying that it’s difficult for them to ensure good quality of food being served as the restaurants are unlicensed and the health of the customer is at risk here! 

The norms under the Air and Water Act for restaurants include ensuring waste is discharged and treated properly, pollution norms are met by the kitchens and adequate sanitation and hygiene practices are followed, none of which was done by these restaurants!

Some of the bigger guns that have been sealed are - The Frat House, Rehab Gastro Pub, Levels, Capsule by Pink Room, ELF Cafe & Lounge, Village Balcony and some others as well! 

Sad days for HKV ahead *sighs*! 

Sourced Via The Times Of India