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2 Underpasses On The Delhi-GGN Expressway Are Now Open & Running To Ease Traffic



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Gurugram-ers, time to rejoice because two underpasses at Signature Tower and Rajiv Chowk intersections on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway were thrown open to the public a couple of days back, and hopefully this will help ease traffic on these bottlenecks to a whole new level! 

Why This Is Totally Awesome! | These underpasses are part of the Rs 1,000 crore project that the government has taken over to ease traffic at four major intersections in the city. These underpasses will allow free flow of vehicles and hopefully reduce stagnant traffic that Delhi’s become oh so famous for. 

Along with the underpasses, non-motorist transport tracks have been opened for cyclists and pedestrians to travel safely on as well! Nice! 

Sourced Via The Hindu