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2 New Workspaces With Seating Capacity Of 800 Launched In GGN By This Co-Working Space Operator!


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A Bangalore-based company called Cowrks has launched two cool ass new workspaces in Gurgaon, and we’re dishing all the deets!

What It’s All About | Their Gurgaon Central workspace is spread across a total area of 75,000 sq. ft. and has a seating capacity of around 800! Now that’s really cool! The idea is to develop the trending concept of providing worker-friendly workspaces to people. And what can be a better place to start than Gurgaon, which is basically the hub of urbanisation?!

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After successfully setting up workspaces in South and West India, these people have now come to Gurgaon with their unique ideas and workspace designs which’ll help people connect and grow. 

And here are some things patrons can look forward to: ah-mazing gourmet coffee, uninterrupted WiFi (yayy!) and unlimited office supplies! Awesome! These guys also have a CoWrks app which lets you book meeting rooms on-the-go and discounted offers to members. 

This sure looks like an interesting concept - go check ‘em out!

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Where | Cowrks - Gurgaon Central & Golf Course Road
Monthly Packages | Starting @ Rs 13,999
Book Your Spots Online Here |
Scroll Through Their FB Page |