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2 Lakh+ Artefacts From Mohenjo-Daro Era & More To Find A Home In Purana Qila After Revamp



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Purana Qila, a stalwart relic of our rich heritage, is, sadly in a state of ruin, and has been for quite a while now. This sorry state of events is about to take a turn for the better though, and here’s all the new developments that’re in the pipeline!

Changing The Face Of History | The Archeological Survey of India has undertaken many restoration, conservation and upgradation works at the ages-old monument. Setting up of a modern gallery, which will display artefacts and pottery from India’s glorious past, is also on the cards.

The Central Antiquity Collection Section will be converted into a modern gallery where, for the first time ever, we visitors will see artefacts and pottery from ancient civilizations like Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, Taxila, Central Asia and Kalibangan, Hastinapur and Tamluk. Impressively, the total collection of pottery items and artefacts will number more than 2 lakh! Woah! 

Here’s to much-needed restoration of our city’s heritage!

Sourced Via NDTV