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1st Ever New Delhi Art Book Fair Will Celebrate Art, Architecture, Photography & Lots More

City Wire 1 Feb 2018


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The first ever edition of the New Delhi Art Book Fair is all set to take place in the city and it’s happening on the 24th & 25th of February at Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts. The main intent behind this awesome sauce concept is to showcase and promote the vibrant world of Indian and foreign art! 

What It’s All About | This book fair is all about throwing a spotlight on all the various genres of art, architecture, photography, design and crafts in books. This one is an all out tribute to India’s mesmerizing 5,000 year reservoir and storyline of mythological narratives, modern fiction, art, sculptures, photographs, monographs, journals and lots more! 

This book fair welcomes all artists to meet and interact constructively with Indian and foreign art book publishers. So here’s calling out to all the future authors and independent artists to come and check out this super cool festival and probably get their ‘breakthrough’ moment here! 

Bookmark the dates and troop on over, folks!

When | Saturday & Sunday, 24th & 25th February
Where | Indira Gandhi National Centre Of Arts - 11 Mansingh Road, Near Andhra Bhavan
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