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19 Lesser Known Heritage Structures In Delhi Will Be Getting A Complete Makeover Soon, You Guys



All ya Delhi peeps, soon your Dilli darshan will not be restricted to Qutub Minar or Red Fort only! The city’s archeological department is planning to carry out restoration work on 19 of Delhi’s lesser known monuments, so basically, we’re gonna get 19 more places to explore! *WOW*

Reviving The Past | Come April and the archeological team of Indian National Trust For Art and Cultural Heritage will be all geared up to bring back the glory of these 19 monuments that have lost their erstwhile charm in the busy urban life of the capital. 

The team has selected 9 lesser known tombs in places like Lado Sarai, Vasant Vihar, Sundar Nagar, Savitri Nagar and Kaka Nagar amongst other places. 

Other significant structures in the restoration pipeline are a minaret in Hastsal Village as well as tombs of Mir Taqi and Sayyid Abid amongst others. This project is gonna cost a whopping Rs 7 crores *woah*! 

Can’t wait for all this to happen already!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times