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16 Kilometres Of Mathura Road Will Be Made Signal-Free To Ease Traffic Congestion



All those who travel via Mathura Road and crib each day ‘cause of the heavy traffic jams and the snail’s speed at which vehicles move, y’all might just get a moment of relief soon as 16 km of the road will be made signal-free. Yep, that’s right! You might just save a whole lotta time when commuting back to work.

No More Bumper To Bumper Traffic | Delhi Traffic Police has received a blue-print to initiate work on the 16 km long stretch of Mathura Road so that it can be made free of signals. The project involves the construction of at least two underpasses and turnings at three other crucial crossings. With more than 10 lakh vehicles moving at a snail’s pace on this stretch from Nizamuddin to Badarpur, it makes it one of the most congested roads across the city!

The ones who travel through this route would know that the first and the most bothersome blockage point is Ashram Chowk, where supposedly there are plans to construct an underpass. Further, the second chokepoint is at New Friends Colony which has five red lights within a stretch of 5 km. So, to smoothen the flow of traffic, the cops are pondering about widening the road. There are also plans on permanently blocking the median at U-turn near Apollo Hospital along with several other changes that might be made.

Seems like your traffic woes will be gone for good.

Sourced Via The Times Of India