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16 Beyond Amazing Food Trucks You Need To Hop Onto With BAE @ Horn OK Please Fest!

The most awaited food truck festival is back and we CANNOT keep calm! By the way, this edition of Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please will be boasting of a Waffle Mart which will be doling out over 50 kinds of waffles (the waffle lover in us just skipped a heartbeat!). Also, there will be super adorable dessert carts that will make you forget all about dieting! Did we mention that more than 40 (yeah, really) food trucks are gonna be parked at HOP and we’ve handpicked our fave 15 that you GOTTA stop by at - scroll on to find out!

1. Something Saucy

If spicy fast food is your thing, then you should definitely stop by at this awesome food truck. Their Fish Churros and Shammi Kebab Burgers are all the rage and you’ll find us camping by their truck, gorging away to glory and highly recommend you do the same *wink wink*! They also serve salads, burgers, meal boxes and tons more! 

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2. Lalit Pizza Truck & Lalit Food Truck Company

Craving some melt-in-your-mouth cheesy pizzas? Grab a delicious slice of pleasure right here at the Lalit Pizza Truck parked at Delhi’s Original Food Truck Festival. We’ve heard their Pepperoni Pizzas are simply lip-smacking! The Lalit Food Truck Company will also be there at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please to serve you delectable gourmet food right out of a food truck - seeya there!

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3. Doggy Style

One doesn’t easily find a vast variety of hot dogs around here, but with Doggy Style, you most definitely will. Known for its hot dogs, quesadillas, burritos and salads, this food truck should definitely be on your list of trucks to eat from at the kickass weekend gala that Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please is gonna be! 

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4. The Crazy Tucker

Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please is going to be such an awesome treat for your palate! Why? ‘Cause Crazy Trucker’s gonna be there, that’s why! The one food truck to eat at for all your Tex-Mex cravings, their deep-fried burrito dish called Chimichanga is extremely popular and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! Also, we’ve heard they make some great shakes as well!

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5. BhookBox Truck

Claiming to combine good food and stellar music, this new food truck has got us pretty curious as well as excited and we can’t wait to see what they have to offer! BhookBox Truck is scampering on to Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please for the first time and we’re already ready and armed with hungry forks!

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6. FoodRath

The first food truck to have a funky rooftop seating area, FoodRath serves some really delectable Mughlai and Rajasthani dishes (yep, you’re going to find a number of different cuisines at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please, and you’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice!). We’re absolutely in love with their vibrant décor and quirky design! 

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7. FLIP On Wheels 

Finger food is everyone’s ultimate favourite, isn’t it? And FLIP On Wheels has exactly that in store for you! Serving rolls, burgers, sandwiches, some Mumbai street food dishes and their own fusion dishes like Chicken Kurkure and Schezwan Samosa, this food truck will totally be adding to the foodie feels at Horn OK Please! 

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8. Being Truckers

Big, messy and super delicious burgers are the specialty of this food truck and we’re calling out to all burger lovers to come and hog on the various unique varieties of the dish that Being Truckers will be serving at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please! We love how they’ve named their burgers, for example The Khalifa Burg, Shanghai Noon, MSD Burg - et al! 

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9. Burnout 

Finger licking good finger food will be waiting for you at this food truck parked at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please and we’ve been told that their pastas and burritos are to die for! They also make some delicious tacos (and we know that not many places in the city are known for that!). We absolutely CANNOT wait to try their food!

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10. Quirky Perky

This new food truck is another one on our list to watch out for! Being the foodies that we are, we’re always eager to try out fresh, new and upcoming outlets (in this case trucks). Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please will see more than 40 food trucks and we can’t stop trying to figure out how we’ll be able to try ‘em all out in just two days!

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11. EGGjactlyTheFoodTruck

From waffles and pancakes to tacos and wraps, they make ‘em all and they seem to be damn good! This food truck will definitely be giving the others a run for their money at the latest edition of Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please Food Truck Fest! One of the oldest food trucks in town, EGGjactly is believed to have started the food truck trend in Gurgaon!

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12. The Grumpy Old Man

This is the third new food truck that’ll be debuting at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please, and we’re super excited to try out their dishes! That’s a really unexpected and quirky AF name for a food truck and we think their food is gonna be quite unique as well. With so many food trucks rushing over to Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please, we’re pretty sure ALL of them have something scrumptious in store for y’all!

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13. The Rolling Kitchen

When Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please is boasting of offering practically every kind of cuisine, how could a Lebanese food truck not be on the list? Serving a number of platters, their Mezze Platter being the most recommended one, and six variants of Manakeesh, this truck will attract many a hummus and pita lovers, including us! 

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14. 8 Mile

The fourth and last new food truck on this list, 8 Mile is another one that we’re looking forward to eat at and honestly, we think you should too! With this, you now know about over 30% of the food trucks that are going to be dishing out some amazing delicacies at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please! Come over to check out the rest, why don’t you?

15. Waffle Chowk

Catering to Delhi’s new obsession with waffles will be Waffle Chowk at Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please, Delhi’s Original food Truck Fest and apart from waffles, they make ah-mazing waffle sandwiches and waffle sticks as well! Their Nutella Brownie Waffle comes highly recommended. Collectively, you’ll see over 50 varieties of waffles at this unmissable food truck festival! 

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16. Me Kong Bowl

There's gonna be a truck-load of food that’ll leave you asking for more at Horn OK Please and here’s us unveiling another food truck gem! Me Kong Bow, the Chinese-Thai cuisine specialists are gonna be there and you can rest assured they’ll leave your tastebuds in awe, especially their Thukpa Soup Bowl and other yummy dishes!

Come on you guys, eat till you feel fully stuffed at this kickass food truck festival!

When | Saturday & Sunday, 4th & 5th November
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
Where | Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
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