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13 Splendid Movies That Are A Pure Cinematic Treat To Watch



Movie creation is an art that cannot be easily mastered. Yet, there are a number of movies with some excellent cinematography which end up being a treat to be savoured slowly, yet surely. And so, for all you movie buffs who would love to indulge yourself in this, we have made a list of movies that are a pure cinematic masterpiece. Though there are many options, we have picked only a few as a list can have only so many and the best bit? They are all available online. So let’s dive in.

1. Jojo Rabbit

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When you think of a war movie you certainly don’t expect it to make you laugh, do you now? Well, this one does. Set against the backdrop of the later stages of World War II, this movie takes you along on the life journey of Johannes "Jojo" Betzler AKA Jojo Rabbit. The young boy is heavily indoctrinated with Nazi ideology and the movie will show you a certain side of war through the innocent civil eyes that you’d least expect.

Watch Online Here | Jojo Rabbit

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

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A story of rags to riches, this movie is pure entertainment. The classic-drama is based in the year 1932 and the antics of Zero Moustafa and Monsieur Gustave will leave you in splits. A mysterious death, a tale of friendship, tragedy and a whole lotta craziness is what defines the movie.

Watch Online Here | The Grand Budapest Hotel

3. Roma

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This movie is set in the 1970 Mexico, which takes you through the life of a live-in maid Cleodegaria "Cleo" Gutiérrez. Filled with obstacles and difficult situations, her plight is a realistic portrayal of life. The beautifully shot scenes capturing raw emotions will make your heart go out to this woman. Do keep some tissues to wipe those tears that might slip out!

Watch Online Here | Roma

4. Arrival

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Can you imagine aliens on earth? Well, this movie will give wings to those imaginations and how! Arrival is a story of a time where aliens have come to Earth and a group of linguistic experts are supposed to translate what they’re trying to say. The stunning Science-fiction movie is a must-watch if you can’t get enough this genre.

Watch Online Here | Arrival

5. Birdman

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What happens when a fading cinema superhero tries to resurrect his career through broadway? Well, this black comedy is not just a treat for your mind but even for your eyes. The way the story unfurls itself relaying this beautiful tale, the stunning shots are just a perfect combination to this.

Watch Online Here | Birdman

6. Interstellar

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A movie based in the near future of the year 2067, this one explores the theme of finding life for rehabilitation on a separate planet. Yes, even now we are looking for answers to this mind-boggling question (whether humans can live on different planets), but the fact that the landscapes and CGI effects are shot so stunningly it makes it seem almost real. The visual treat is just a complement to a great storyline that will make you sail through the film.

Watch Online Here | Interstellar

7. Black Swan

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Dancing is a passion for many, but when it takes a toll on your mental health, that’s when things go South. And this is exactly the basic premise of the movie. Starring Natalie Portman as Nina who lands the lead role in the Tchaikovsky's ‘Swan Lake’, struggles to maintain her sanity when her art director feels that her rival may be better suited for this. It’s dark, an emotional roller coaster and just one crazy watch!

Watch Online Here | Black Swan

8. Baahubali & Baahubali 2

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If you still haven’t seen this movie, folks you’re missing out! And for those of you, you know why this movie HAS to be there on this list. With amazing VFX that will leave you astounded, the story follows Shivudu, a simple village boy and his quest to woo his lady-love while he discovers a shocking past about his family. Rest assured, like all of us, you will also question, “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?”!

Watch Online Here | Baahubali & Baahubali 2

9. Avatar

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This movie has definitely etched its name in our hearts with magnificent scenes. A movie where the human civilisation has depleted its resources and are now trying to prey on the ones available at Pandora inhabited by humanoids, it’s a spectacular watch. The gorgeous city of Pandora is a sight to behold and the epic battle scenes will keep you glued to your seat. Plus, it’s a James Cameron movie, need we say anything more?!

Watch Online Here | Avatar

10. La La Land 

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What complements a musical? We’d say perfect cinematography, which brings out all the emotions that the song is trying to portray. And that’s exactly what you get in this movie. With a sweet romance, melodious songs and gorgeous shots, this movie is a must-watch for all those of you, who appreciate art.

Watch Online Here | La La Land 

11. Life Of Pi

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This thriller movie is something that all you movie buffs have to watch. Playing the role of adult Pi, though his screen time is not much, Irrfan perfectly dawns the skin of the mysterious character that he entrusted to play. The movie explores the arduous journey of a young boy who was rescued from a boat and when the movie concludes you will definitely end up questioning if the events were real or not!

Watch Online Here | Life Of Pi

12. The Revenant

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Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie is a must-watch. Though some scenes can get pretty graphic and gory, yet the beauty of the shot lies in how real everything looks in the movie. Partially based on a novel of the same name, the movie will keep you on the edge while you watch Hugh Glass trying to survive the punishing cold wilderness, all the while injured and trying to get to his crew.

Watch Online Here | The Revenant

13. Pan's Labyrinth

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This one is a dark fantasy movie with some amazing special effects. Watch Ofelia’s mystical journey back home to an unknown realm that coexists with the human world we know. The ending has a twist that will leave you baffled but the performance by the cast will surely make you lose yourself in Pan's Labyrinth.

Watch Online Here | Pan's Labyrinth

We have made a list of some stunningly shot films that ropes you in a realm of its own and now all you’ve gotta do is start checking this list!