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100% Of Liquor Sales In Delhi Will Be Done Via Barcode Scanning By October 2019


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In an effort to curb the practice of distributing liquor to influence voters during elections, the Excise Department has rolled out a new reform!

Liquor Sales To Go Digital | The department has decided to digitise the sale of liquor in the city and has stipulated that 100% of alcohol sales shall be done through scanning of barcodes in an attempt to keep track of real-time sales. 

All liquor outlets shall be required have to achieve 80% of this target by May and 100% by October. In addition to this, all outlets will have to follow the opening and closing times of their establishments and maintain a brand-wise stock register.

We’re fully in support of this move - what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below!

Sourced Via The Economics Times