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10 Types Of Momos To Try @ The Mini Momos Fest Coming To Horn OK Please Presented By MAGGI FUSIAN



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Delhiites, how y’all doin’? We’re in a super jovial mood cause’ MAGGI FUSIAN presents Horn OK Please, driven by Spinny & co-powered by Nescafe and Sparx is happening this weekend at JLN Stadium and we’re can’t keep calm. This edition will feature a mini momos fest with over 100 varieties and we’re here to tell you about 10 different momos that you can gobble down at the fest. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Kurkure Momos @ Moktoo 

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Anyone up for a tempting, super crunchy plate of momos? Delhiizens, you can’t miss this plate of yumminess. Layered with spiced batter and creamy fillings, Kurkure Momos are basically bombs of flavour. Grab your plate of delectable momos at Moktoo, which will be happily stationed at the Momo Land.

2. Butter Paneer Momos @ Lodhi Knights

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Picture Credits: dilli_ke_pakwan

You might have had Tandoori Momos, Pan-Fried Momos or Gravy Momos, but have you tried these loaded Butter Paneer Momos? These delish looking momos served with a side of chutney, some onions and a dollop of mayo are an absolute delight and we can’t wait to dig into these. You’ll find them stationed at the Momo Land, only at Horn OK Please.

3. Schezuan Chow Chow Momos @ Marsh Momo

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Picture Credits: funloveandcooking

Tossed in a tangy sauce, Schezuan Chow Chow Momos are full of zesty flavours. If you love all things spicy, well, this dish right here is for ya! Sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, Schezuan Chow Chow Momos are crunchy and soft at the same time. Feast on this scrummy dish from Marsh Momo, that’ll be parked at the Momo Land at Horn OK Please.

4. Choila Momos @ MoMo King

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Picture Credits: food_junc

MoMo King’s Choila Momos are a feast for y’all. These delish looking momos are every street food lover’s delight and will make your taste buds do the Tango. Marinated in a thick gravy and topped with fresh coriander leaves, you’ll defo have an awesomesauce time biting into these at Horn OK Please. Also, you can find Momo King stationed at the Momo Land.

5. Butter Chicken Momos @ #Bhukkad By Sian

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Butter Chicken is love, and Butter Chicken Momos is a greater love. The perfect combination of chicken and a delectable, buttery curry filling, could we ask for anything more? Treat yourself to Butter Chicken Momos only at #Bhukkad By Sian, that’ll be stationed at the Food Truck Park along with tons of yummies on offer.

6. Sandheko Momos @ MoMo King

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Pan-fried momos, doused with a spicy and tangy sauce, tossed in authentic Nepali masala, Sandheko Momos takes the taste one notch higher. One bite of this yumminess will satiate your savoury cravings, and we promise you’re gonna come back for more. Devour this delicious plate only at MoMo King, which will be stationed at the Momo Land at Delhi’s Happiest Food Festival.

7. Tawa Momos @ Lodhi Knights

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Picture Credits: Dhiraj Bora

Ever heard of Tawa Momos, that are filled with bharwa masala (OMG YUM!)? Well, get excited, ‘cause Lodhi Knights is coming to Delhi’s Happiest Food Festival, and they’re bringin’ their lip-smacking Tawa Momos. Feast on this delectable dish, and you’re gonna thank us later.

8. Flaming Sriracha Momos @ Marsh Momo

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Flaming Sriracha Momos are a Thai special dish that is overloaded with chillies, chilly sauce, peppers and garlic. If you’re a chilli lover then this plate of momos is a must-try! You can try these many more variants from Marsh Momos at the Momo Land. Don’t forget to grab a pint or two of a chilled Bira 91 while you’re busy hopping your way through the fiesta.

9. Tandoori Momos @ #Bhukkad By Sian

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Delhiites love binging on momos, and Tandoori Momos is our all-time fave. Loaded with spicy masala, the beautiful fragrant of tandoor from Tandoori Momos makes our mouths water. #Bhukkad By Sian is coming to Horn OK Please with their Tandoori Momos and y’all need to get yourself a plate of these delectable ones.

10. Chipotle Cheesy Momos @ Marsh Momo

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Are you a cheese lover, just like us? If yes, Chipotle Cheesy Momos is nothing short of a paradise for ya! Smothered with chipotle and oodles of cheese, this plate of deliciousness melts in your mouth, and you’re going to crave for more. Make sure you get yourself a cheerful plate of momos from Marsh Momo at Horn OK Please.

So, these were some of the momos that you can expect to find at Horn OK Please, and for more, make your way over to Delhi’s Happiest Food Festival happening from Friday - Sunday, 15th - 17th of November at JLN Stadium and make your tummy happy. The tickets are out already so book yours ASAP!

When | Friday - Sunday, 15th - 17th November
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
Where | Gate No. 2, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Entry | Rs 299
Book Your Tickets Online Here | 
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