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10 Times Delhi Burnt A Hole In Your Pockets & Made You Feel Broke AF

Editors 13 June 2017


Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current health crisis befalling the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations. Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

People often wonder what it takes to make such hardcore fans out of Delhiites or those who’ve been charmed by the city over a short affair. Little idiosyncrasies that we have come to love and goof-ups that makes us want to clean the slate & start over once again, because that’s what it does to you. You love it, you hate it and yet you feel proud when you introduce yourself as a Delhiite.

But as fun and entertaining living in Delhi and experiencing it can be, we’re pretty sure there have been times when you’ve felt that the city is testing you in terms surviving in it and living up your dreams. 

So here are 10 instances when Delhi burnt a big gaping hole in our pockets and made us feel broke AF (often even before the month came to an end!). Here we go!

1. When You’re Trying To Rent A Place/PG In A ‘Posh’ South Delhi Locality

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Wish to rent a flat/PG in South Delhi? Acha hai but strike off the term ‘savings. from your dictionary, ‘cause that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Renting a living space in South Delhi can cause serious injury to all your financial plans & of course those dreams of saving-up ‘enough’ at the end of the month. Sigh.

2. When You Dare To Hope To Attend Top Celebrity Concerts In The City

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Come to think of it, shelling thousands to simply catch your fave singer on the ‘Big Screen’ with deafeningly amplified sound and a hundred bodies crowding you left, right & center. So basically you pay for that one glimpse of your favourite singer, crooning to his hit melodies LIVE and get robbed of your month’s “ration ka kharcha”.

3. Heading To 5 Star Hotel Bars For A Night On The Town

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Ah well, there’s no shame in admitting you’ve been there, done that. We’ve all had those days when places like BED & Kitty Su seemed like a distant dream and My Bar was our only saviour, graciously rescuing us from the impending dry spell we all dread!

4. When Shopping At Even Khan Market Empties The Pocket

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Not too far-fetched, wouldn’t you agree? Khan Market has always been on the heavier side when it comes to comparing retail expenses in comparison to Sarojini, Lajpat or Kamla Nagar but come end of the month and should there be an occasion to shop then, you find yourself imagining if Khan & Emporio are distant cousins who tantalise you and leave you grunting you about ‘budget concerns’.

5. When You See Surge Prices On Uber - Ouch!

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This one’s true for anybody who’s lived in the city on a monthly income basis. It becomes too much to handle your food binges, shopaholic tendencies and wanderlust on a limited balance reflecting your bank account. So, cost cutting happens on the next most expensive indulgence in town - travel. We chuck that Uber ride for the metro & that helps, well kinda.

6. Watching A Movie @ Director’s Cut *Esp. THE Popcorn*

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*Chuckles* There’s been that one time for most of us. We distinctly remember the entire experience. Luxury overload and a movie-viewing experience that’s one-of-a-kind in its own way. But we cannot seem to forget the moment we had a mini heart-attack when the guy at the snacks counter charged a bomb for a tiny tub of popcorn! First the tickets, then the popcorn. *Sigh*

7. Daring To Give The Wine Pairing Menu @ Indian Accent A Try

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Have you dared to dive into this indulgence yet? Who knew a dinner at a fancy, regional restaurant could rob you of your savings! We tried it once and were close to breaking our piggy banks at the end of the month. The delish food is the only saving grace but the hefty bill sure stuns the appetite afterwards. The food is something though - maybe that’s what makes it worth it!

8. Signing Up For A Fitness Sesh @ Gold’s Gym Or Fitness First

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Now you know just the reason why a majority of Delhiites are on the heavier side of the scale - gym memberships burn a crater in the pockets! It’s too much to consider signing up for the those glitzy, chrome-studded gyms without a heavy heart and an almost empty pocket. But when fitness calls, you end up doing what needs to be done.

9. Paying For That Gourmet Sushi Dish You Didn’t Eat At That Gang Meetup Sesh

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Yeah, we heard that snort. We’ve all attended those gang hangout meets at chic restaurants and ended up paying for the dishes we didn’t order when the bill was being shared. Well, you do shell out your share of the bill to save your face because that’s what you’re expected to do when you live, work, hangout with colleagues/friends in a metro city!

10. Splurging On Spa Treatments @ 5 Star Hotels

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Oh man. Experiential treatments for women as it is cost a bomb but we once decided to give ourselves a break and try out the spa at The Lodhi, and well, as tantalising as the slew of offered treatments sounded, we did end up with a pained heart at the end of our discovery, ‘cause the prices for the same sky-rocketed off our HQ roof! *Sniff*

So, what’s that one moment for you? Write to us and let us know which were the ones you could relate to and others that could have made it to the list. Waiting to hear your stories!