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Come Up With Gripping Storylines For India's First Crowdsourced Digital Art Project

So Delhi 3 Sept 2017


Got a flair for writing and have been waiting for the right moment to showcase your talent? This might be your chance to win big! British Council brings to you ‘Saptan Stories’, a thoroughly fun opportunity, giving peeps of all age groups a chance to take part in the biggest writing moment of the year. In collaboration with the makers of the Oscar Award-winning animation film, Wallace and Gromit, the UK-based Aardman Animations, can this get any better?! 

What It Is | Selected artists from India and the UK will be illustrating the winning storylines, which are selected every single week. Currently running in its 5th week, they are just two weeks away from ending the contest! So hurry up and be a part of this amazing event. The winning storylines will be showcased every Saturday.

What You Have To Do | To participate, all you have to do is generate a short storyline that follows the ones already in motion, (which must be free of all abusive and offensive language) in order to clear the pre-moderation process which comes just after. The approved lines will then be shortlisted by their panel of judges and three of the top entries will be exhibited for voting every Tuesday. In addition, the winning storyline will be illustrated by 7 artists from India and the UK depicting the storyline in their own unmatched way! 

This 7-week event will come out with 7 distinct storylines to form ONE story and results in 49 different artworks (woah!) depicting these stories the digital artist-y way (heart eyes right there). Plus, even if you’re not overly expressive, you can still take part by voting! With new storylines being submitted every week and just two weeks left for the conclusion of this event, grab your thinking hats and be a part of this unique opportunity! 

Last Date For Submissions | 3rd September
Last Date For Voting Online | 5th September
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