Planned a trip to Darjeeling and done exploring the city? Visit Kalimpong! Lying 2.5 hours away, this town is definitely a perfect getaway. Whether you love those adrenaline bursts or want to enjoy some peace and quiet time, Kalimpong has a lot in store for you! So here’s a list of the things you must do when in Kalimpong!

1. Zong Dhog Palri Monastery

Find solace atop Durlip Hill in Kalimpong in this serene monastery. Also known as Lava Monastery, the Zong Dhog Palri Monastery was consecrated in 1976 by His Holiness Dalai Lama. Walk through the rare scriptures which were brought here after the invasion of Tibet. The view of the city from up here is something that’ll keep you fixated for hours on end! All in all, this peaceful hangout in Kalimpong is where you can sit back and doodle your thoughts in the form of writeups and paintings perhaps!

Where | Durlip Hill
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2. Paragliding At Deolo Hills

Put on those wings and claim the skies at the beautiful Deolo Hills. Come here and soar like a bird above the lush hill station on the backdrop of the Himalayan range. The rides here can last from 10 to 30 minutes according to the wind conditions. We would recommend you to book in advance before reaching the destination. The enthusiasts who want to master this art can take up a 3 to 5 day courses at the end of which they will be able to rule the skies themselves! 

Price | Rs 3500

3. Dr. Graham’s Home

Built by Dr. JA Graham, this Scottish missionary and orphanage is home to more than 1500 students. Apart from imparting quality education to the kids, the school also inculcates the values that an individual must have and provides the kids with a proper lifestyle too, making it a wonderful home away from home. This old construct is sure to transport you to a place you won’t want to come back from and these kids are sure to leave you with a broad smile on your face. You just can’t give this place a miss!

Where | Murray Road
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4. MacFarlane Church

This beauty is something you just can’t afford to miss. The old construct is sure to take you to the yester days and will help you discover the unknown shades of yourself. One can easily find peace in the corners of this church and the gothic interiors. After the damage caused by an earthquake in 2011, the MacFarlane Church has now been renovated and is once again open to visitors. It’s a wonderful place to spend some moments in quiet contemplation!

Where | Chotta Bhalukhop
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5. Neora Valley National Park

Wanna go for trekking or camping? Neora Valley National Park won’t disappoint you at all. The highest point of this park is Rachela Pass, where it forms a boundary with Sikkim in the North and Bhutan in the North East. With a good range of flora and fauna and mountain streams, this place is loved by trekking enthusiasts who love to adore the amazing bounties of nature.

Where | Bangal
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6. Pineview Nursery

Located in Leitchfield, Pine View Nursery offers quality plants, horticultural products and services. This offbeat spot in Kalimpong will be adored by all horticulture enthusiasts. The wide variety of cactus found here will urge you to buy some. Not just cactuses, you’ll find a lot of creepers here. Always progressive, the nursery is continually adding and testing new varieties to increase its inventory offerings. You must visit here!

Where | Astisha Road
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7. Gompu’s Bar And Restaurant

Famous for its scrumptious Pork & Chicken Momos, Gompu’s Bar and Restaurant is an ideal place to have a nice 3 course meal. Lunchtime finds this place filled with locals and travellers. This generations old, family restaurant will also run easy on your pockets while ensuring you leave with filled tummies. There’s no simply reason for giving this place a miss!

Where | Dambar Chawk, Main Road, Near Bus Stop, Chotta Bhalukhop
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Now you know this hidden gem has a lot of places to visit  so, head on over - Kalimpong is calling you!