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Buy Coffee By The Kilo At 5 Of These Fantastic Places in Coorg


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Picture Credits: DaveBleasdale

When in the coffee cradle of India, not hoarding up on coffee, the drink of the gods, is tantamount to blasphemy. To save your soul from sinning, we’ve listed some gold mines from where you can pick up the finest quality of this exotic goods.

1. Ganesh Coffee

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This store established in 1965 boasts of selling some of the finest coffee in all of Madikeri. You can watch the coffee grinding process live while waiting to buy your personal supply of Coorgi coffee in the small coffee scented room. Choose from their special chicory 'n' coffee blends or get a bulkload of Robusta coffee to last you until you plan another trip to stock up.

Where | Caveri Group, Nethravati Complex Near Pvt. Bus Stand, Main Road, Madikeri
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2. Tata Plantation Trails

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The Tata Corporation ‘Bean To Cup’ program acquaints curious customers with the process of what all goes into making their morning mug of coffee so special. The interactive tour around their plantation and coffee tasting session at the Plantation Trails helps potential customers understand the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee, and make nuanced choices about the coffee they would like to buy from the estate.  

Where | Pollibetta Main Road, Pollibetta
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3. BB Estate 

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Famous for their sprawling and lush plantation and a cosy homestay, the owners of the BB estate shall bid you adieu packed and bursting to the seams with some of their best powdered or whole-bean Robusta coffee.

Where | Kadagadal, Madikeri
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4. Mercara Gold Estate

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This establishment has been contributing to the coffee economy of coorg right since the 90s. Their specialities are the Indian Arabica and Peaberry varieties of coffee sold in a refined powder form at their famous outlet and cafe, Beans N Brews, and enjoy a fresh cuppa before purchasing some for later.

Where | Unnamed Rd., Katakeri Rural

5. Coorg Greens

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Another well-known retail store that is praised for its spices and coffee, you can browse through the different varieties of roasted coffee beans or the processed coffee powder, authentically grown and manufactured in Coorg, that they have on sale.

Where | CSP Complex, KSRTC Bus Stand Road, Madikeri
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So all you coffee connoisseurs, quit twiddling your thumbs and head straight to the land of your dreams because life is to be measured in spoonfuls of coffee.