Finally setting out on your trip to Coorg but still wondering where to crash for the night? You now have one less thing to worry about, as we present to you a long list of homestays and B&B’s that will add to your vacation memories by providing you a more authentic feel of Coorg.

1. Cottabetta Bungalow

Those residing in this vacation home established by the Tata Corporation are privy to some of the most exclusive views from atop the Western Ghats.The lavishly done-up rooms transport you to the era of the Raj along side spacious courtyard & Victorian furniture et al! Check in right away.

Location | Polibetta Main Road, Polibetta
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2. Notting Hill Homestay

Nestled on Stuart Hill facing the town of Madikeri, this typically Coorgi colonial style cottage is the ideal home away from home where guests can marvel at the early morning sunrise while sipping the famous Coorg Coffee in the elegant garden adjoining your home.

Location |1428, Stuart Hill, Madikeri 
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3. Blue Mountains Estate

The bluish misty mountain range forms a fringe around the cottage where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast! They have well-furnished rooms and offer homemade lunch/dinner on a chargeable basis. Unwind here after a long day with a walk around the plantation or by sitting out in the cool night by a crackling fire.

Location | "Moovera" Trishul Estate, Kurali Road, Napoklu
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4. Palace Estate

Picture Credits: Mrinal Saxena

This estate homestay situated at the foot of the highest peak in Coorg, Tadiandamol, derives its name from the historical 17th Century Nalknad Palace which it overlooks. If it's a peaceful and quiet holiday that you’re looking forward to, this is the place to be.

Location | Door No-65, Kakkabe Post, Kakkabe, Coorg
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5. Abbydhama

An estate home stay nestled in the serene environment of a coffee estate, Abbydhama is perfect for a weekend break! Choose between either a contemporary bungalow stay (Hosamane) or a traditional house stay (Halemane). The speciality of the Hosamane property is it’s swanky circular rooms painted in various shades of the coffee bean, whereas, the Halemane property boasts of a Kodava style heritage home. 

Location | Abbey Falls Road, Madikeri Kodagu 
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6. Chilipili Estate Stay

Chilipili Estate Homestay is for those of you who love nature! The hosts of this estate take it upon themselves to make their guests experience nothing but the best of the Coorgi life, especially the fine Kodava cuisine. 

Location | Hoskeri Village, Arekad Post, Abyathamangala 
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7. Udaya Homestay

Experience a luxury holiday as you reside at this charming cottage which has 2 cozy, double bedrooms where the romance of Coorg comes alive. With tastefully done interiors and gardens as pretty as a picture, a cozy living room with a fireplace, this accommodation is one you wouldn’t want to leave.

Location | Gen. Thimayya Road., Madikeri
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8. Crystal Homestay

A heavenly abode for a homestay is what you can expect when you book a stay at this exquisitely constructed homestay. Each room has a different view of the estate to be admired and guests can help themselves to fantastic home-cooked South Indian meals with breakfast being complimentary.

Location | Crystal Estate, Pollibetta, South, Pollibetta
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9. Woodland Bungalow

Escape into the woods by booking a weekend at this cozy nook tucked deep within the wilderness while still enjoying every modern comfort you could hope for. Going about on plantation walks and jungle safaris at this soothing locale is a wonderful stress buster.

Location | Kothur Village, Nalkeri, Kutta Kodagu
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Hospitality and Coorg go hand in hand and you can expect only warmth and bonhomie as its people welcome you with open arms so get booking!