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7 Awesome Things To Do On A Day Trip To The Breathtaking Madikeri Hill

Editors 22 Dec 2017


If you’ve planned a trip to Coorg you have got to visit the beautiful and quaint hill town of Madikeri which lies roughly half an hour away by car. And so, we’re here to help you with a list of things that cannot be missed if you’re out to experience the best of Madikeri.

1. Splash About @ Kote Abbey Falls

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These waterfalls are a smaller version of the tumbling Abbey Falls and lie on the way to the Mandalpatti hill. You can stop here on your jeep ride back from Mandalpatti and dive right into the refreshing pool that collects at the bottom of this thundering fall.

2. Relive History @ The Madikeri Fort

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The contemporary fort-turned-bureaucratic building has a long historical legacy that dates back to the 17th century. It houses both the current Deputy Commissioner’s office and the ancient Madikeri Palace. Various additions have been made over the years to this archaeological relic with each change in the empire and ruler of the kingdom of Kodagu.

3. Admire Kodava Architecture @ Raja’s Tomb

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Picture Credits: Deep Goswami

Locally known as “Gaddige”, this tomb of the royal family of Coorg employs the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. It draws inspiration from Islamic construction, comprising of a central dome and four minarets which in turn have images of the hindu mythological figure, Nandi, carved onto them.

4. Shop @ Choci Coorg

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Indulge in sinful chocolaty goodies and treats at Madikeri’s prize homemade chocolate retailing shop. Pick up these rich cocoa marvels loaded with real fruits and nuts that make incredible gifts or souvenirs or can be stored as dainty treats to adorn the inside of your fridge back at home.

Exact Address | CSP Complex, KSRTC Bus Stand Road, Stuart Hill

5. Sunset Watching @ Kotebetta

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After trekking to the top of this peak, you can rejuvenate by rooting yourself to this spot to watch the sun turn in for the night in a blaze of orange upon the horizon of mist covered hills and valleys. You're sure to take lots of selfies and pictures here so make sure you carry your DSLRs!

6. Plantation Walk @ Mercara Gold Estate

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Take a guided tour around the coffee plantation and coffee processing unit of the Mercara gold Estate which provides you with ample information on the plantation business and the different varieties of coffee grown in the south. Besides coffee, several other exotic spices and fruit trees grow here turning this trip into an interesting interactive session on botany.

7. Trek To Mandalpatti View Point

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This charming viewpoint provides a panoptic view of the Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary and can be reached either after a pleasant trek up the hill or a fun jeep ride with friends and family. The elusive allure of the place transports you to a utopic world that you would hate to leave.

This should have you sorted and saved you the trouble of racking your brains and poring over several web pages to chalk out a plan on what to do in Madikeri!