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Did You Know You Can Get Electronics & More At Dirt Cheap Prices In Burma Bazaar?


Hola, fellow shopaholics! Are you eyeing an expensive DSLR but is it way out of your budget? We feel ya! We found a buzzing market in town where you can score the latest gadgets without emptying your accounts and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Amidst The Hustle & Bustle | Run by lovely Burmese refugees in town, Burma Bazaar was first set up by the government in the 1960s. Over 600 shops are housed in the bustling alleys, with thousands of patrons visiting this market every week. Located near the Chennai beach railway station, this market is packed throughout the day. 

Burma Bazaar offers perfumes, CDs, electronics, software, ornate vases, quirky mobile cases, and a large variety of adorable items at dirt cheap prices. If you explore it thoroughly, you may even find second-hand DSLRs, mobile phones, and laptops at great deals!

Let’s get shopping already, shall we?

Where | Burma Bazaar - Beach Road, Chennai Port Trust 
Timings | 10 AM - 10 PM