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A Natural Wonder Hidden In The Dense Forests Of North Andaman, Mud Volcanoes In Diglipur


Andaman is known to have around 25 discovered mud volcanoes *woah* spread around the 
northern and southern stretches of the island and we're here to tell you about 1 particular one. 

A natural and mysterious wonder that's hidden away in the dense forests of North Andaman, mud volcanoes in Diglipur is an experience that will leave you mesmerised! Lying 40 Kms north of Diglipur, near Shyam Nagar Village, you'll see several small and muddy craters which is a spectacular site of interest for all nature lovers and geography enthusiasts.
Though the ones found here are better than the ones found at Baratang, no attempts have been made to make them more accessible to tourists unfortunately however, for the adventure enthusiasts, the location is nothing but a short trek away!

So head out and experience the many wonders of nature!

Where | Diglipur, Near Shyam Nagar Village