It is absolutely necessary to rejuvenate yourself every now & then to fight the monotony of everyday life. So, for y’all hard working peeps out there who are looking for a serene kinda place to relax and avoid the city life for a while, check out Harike Wetland & Bird Sanctuary situated just 1.5 hours from Amritsar! 

Straight In The Lap Of Nature | With beautiful skies and chirping birds, Harike Wetland is the largest wetland in Northern India, situated at the confluence of the Beas and Sutlej rivers and home to many migratory birds from Siberia, Europe and the Himalayas as well.

Also known as Hari-Ke-Pattan, this sanctuary is home to around 26 species of fish and seven species of turtle and also several mammals.

A paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers, the best time to visit this place is during the winters. Tourists need to get permission from the office before entering the park and can drive their vehicles at low speeds here.

Now, y’all know what to do for a chill kinda day! Call your buddies and have a nice picnic here. Also, remember to take food along ‘cause there's no eateries nearby!

Entry | Free
Where | Harike Wetland & Bird Sanctuary