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Mamacherub Is The Ultimate Go-To Brand For New Moms & Their Little Babies For Maternity & Kidswear

We can all agree that carrying a baby in your belly for 9 months is a herculean task in itself and shopping for clothes that flatter should not be an added challenge during this beautiful journey. So, if you know a or are a mom-to-be, we’ve found the perfect brand for you and your baby that will help you stay super comfy throughout the miraculous journey of motherhood! 

Chic Comfort For New Moms | Mamacherub is the brainchild of a sibling duo - Anandita and Avantika, who were keen on introducing maternity and kidswear that were ideal for the harsh and moody Indian weather. The brand crafts sustainable pieces using plant-based fabrics that are sourced locally and are free of harmful AZO dyes. The clothes are a delightful blend of comfort and style made using handloom cotton fabric with beautiful and intricate embroidered motifs, designed to accommodate growing bellies and nursing needs. The kids’ range includes designs for easy diaper change without compromising on style or design! The kidswear follows a nature motif with a pop of colour and cute embroidered designs. The best part? The clothes are not just perfect for outings but also double as comfy loungewear for those relaxing days! 

So, mommies and babies can now stay chic, comfy and eco-conscious with Mamacherub- because you deserve nothing less! 

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