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Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

Finish Off A Plate Of Piping Hot Chole Kulche For Rs 30 From Ravi Ke Kulche In West Delhi!

If there’s one thing that we Delhiites can possibly never get bored of, it’s a plate of steaming hot chole kulche, isn’t it? So while we were sauntering about one fine morning, on the hunt of this comfort food, we stumbled upon this little nook selling lip-smacking plates HERE in West Delhi!

Plateful Of Happiness | There’s a humble stall located in Janakpuri West named Ravi Ke Kulche that doles out yummy-looking portions of chole kulche. A plate here includes piping hot katori of chole served alongside 3 fluffy and lightly fried kulchas. Sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it?  The best bit, it’s priced at JUST Rs 30, which is actually not bad AT ALL!

This kiosk is located outside the Janakpuri West metro station which falls on the Magenta Line and is pretty easy to spot as it’s generally surrounded by a throng of people.

Go grab your share right away, folks!

Where | Ravi Ke Kulche - Outside Janakpuri West Metro Station, Janakpuri
Price | Rs 40

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Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

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