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Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

Devour A Delectable And Zesty Plate Of Chole Kulche From The Bustling Streets Of Purani Dilli

Delhi’s inexplicable love affair with street food is boundless and fascinating. From ram laddoos to khatte meethe gol gappe, don’t we just love the flavoursome dishes that one can find on the swarming alleys of the city? If there’s one street food that we Delhiites can never get enough of, it's definitely a piping hot plate of chole kulche. Imagine feasting on this scrummy delicacy on a chilly winter morning. We found a kiosk in saadi Dilli that’s dishing out platefuls of this comforting dish so read on to find out where you can get your hands on it!

All You Need Is Love & Tangy Chole | Chandni Chowk, also known as Delhi’s food heaven, is crowded with food kiosks & restaurants. In the middle of all the chaos, there lies a kiosk selling lip-smacking plates of Chole Kulche, which is happily stationed at Nai Sarak. The oh-so-fresh kulchas are soft and lightly toasted in butter. And the tangy chole toppled with ample amounts of spices, slices of pickled carrots and radish and garnished with coriander leaves are defo going to please your taste buds!

Available for a nifty price of just 30 bucks, this dish is a must-try when you’re visiting Nai Sarak next for all those college books needs!

Where | Unnamed Stall - Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk
Price | Rs 30

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Nukkad Ka Bhukkad

Chaat, momos, Old Dilli ki galliyon ke kebabs - all of these are fodder for my e...

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