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8 RAD Places Serving The Best Sangria In Town That Y'all Must Check Out!

Whiskey and beer are things of the past! Sangria is the new COOL and looks like every Dilliwalla has developed a fascination for this boozy concoction! Unlike any other drink, this heavenly cocktail is a mixture of fruits, wine and all things nice! And if you share our love for this divine drink then you can thank us later ‘cause we picked out 8 places in the city, where you can swing by for a nice glass of sangria, check it out! 

1. Music and Mountains- Hillside Cafe

Previously known as Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe, this place gives you the heavenly feeling of sitting on a mountaintop with a drink and soft music playing in the backdrop *happy sigh*! They have a crazy variety of sangrias on their menu and they’re all delicious! They have Wines & Roses with raspberry and Rocky Mountain High with chocolate, apple and pomegranate soaked overnight and they’re both ah-mazing! 

Meal For Two | Rs 2,800 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | Music & Mountains - M-23, M Block Market, GK I
Timings | 12:30 PM - 12 Midnight
Call Them | +91 9873 160 659
Check Out Their FB Page |

2. FIO - Cookhouse & Bar

How does the idea of chilling with your buddies while sipping on some sangria in a nice open-air restaurant sound to you? Perfect, right? Then, the FIO - Cookhouse & Bar is the perfect place for you! Once you get over this place's charming decor and absolutely enchanting bar, order their Sangria to tickle your taste buds. 

Meal For Two | Rs 3,400 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | FIO - Cookhouse & Bar - Epicuria, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place
Timings | 12 Noon - 1 AM
Call Them | +91 9971 004 536
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3. Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli is a favourite when it comes to enjoying some scrummy European and Italian delicacies and their bar menu is full of unconventional and yummy drinks! Try their Melon Sangria *NAICE* for a playful dance of citrus in your mouth. The Sangria Rosso is another favourite here and you should defo try it! So Sangria lovers, rush to the place right away!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,250 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Timings| 12 Noon - 11:30 PM
Where | Smoke House Deli - DLF Promenade, DLF Avenue, Nehru Place & Other Outlets
Call Them | +91 7838 500 838 (Nehru Place)
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4. Lord Of The Drinks

Picture Credits: bhukkadiyer

And here comes the Lord Himself! Lord of the Drinks never fails to impress us with its swanky decor, mouth-watering delicacies and *obviously* boozy drinks. Treat yourself to Green Apple and Cinnamon Sangria, that’s prepared with white wine, and we bet you’ll end up asking for more! They also have Red Apple and Litchi Sangria, which is actually a wine-y delight! 

Meal For Two | Rs 2,400 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | Lord Of The Drinks  - CP, Sector 38 Noida, HKV & Other Outlets
Call Them | +91 9999 827 144 (CP)
Check Out Their FB Page |

5. Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar

What could be better than a glass of sangria in one hand and scrumptious food in another? Absolutely nothing! And Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar is your best bet for both of these things together! They serve Crystal Sangria and Espresso Sangria *whaaaa*, and they’re both fab! The best bit? The sangria here is relatively cheaper as compared to other sangria haunts in town, so scamper over ASAP! 

They serve Crystal Sangria and Espresso Sangria *whaaaa* and they’re both fab! The best bit? The sangria here is relatively cheaper as compared to other sangria haunts in town, so scamper over ASAP! 

Meal For Two | Rs 2,000 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar - 2nd Floor, M-55, M Block Market, GK I
Timings | 11 - 1 AM
Call Them | +91 9971 172 933
Check Out Their FB Page |

6. The Wine Company

When it comes to sangria, The Wine Company is a personal fave! We mean, who wouldn’t want to sit in a classy, happening place with pretty fairy lights in the background while you unwind after a long day with your glass of sangria? This place does some really cool varieties of sangrias like Orange Strawberry Sparkling Sangria which is simply BOMB! You should also hit up the Sparkling Wine Sangria, which will satiate all your cravings for this heavenly drink!

Meal For Two | Rs 2,900 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | The Wine Company - Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Timings | 12 Noon - 1 AM
Call Them | +91 9643 331 099
Check Out Their FB Page |

7. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Picture Credits: susensibilities

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar are like the calm in the chaos! The woody decor and the spacious setting of this place make it a perfect Sunday hangout spot. They have a crazy, wide range of Sangria that makes us love this place even more! You CANNOT miss the Coffee Sangria here; it’s one-of-a-kind and delicious! So pick out a book, grab a seat, order the sangria, and you’re good to go! 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,600 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | Perch Wine & Coffee Bar - Khan Market, Vasant Vihar & Saket
Timings | 7:30 - 1 AM (Khan Market)
Call Them | +91 8373 976 637 (Khan Market)
Check Out Their FB Page |

8. Imperfecto Cyber Hub

Tucked in the happening Logix City Center, Imperfecto has a quirky and vibrant ambience which will make you absolutely love this place! Known for its North Indian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, the place is a perfect blend of the most amazing food and the RAD drinks. Try out their Classic Sangria and we bet that you can’t just have one! Prepared in the most authentic and traditional way, the sangria here makes you fall in love with the drink all over again. So go, get yourself a glass right now! 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,200 Onwards (Without Alcohol)
Where | Imperfecto Ruin Pub- Logix City Center, Sector 32, Noida
Timings | 12 Noon - 1 AM
Call Them | +91 9999 123 846
Check Out Their Insta Page |

So head to one of these places and order your favourite concoction right away! 

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