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Prashant Rawat

9 Fabulous Homegrown Beauty Brands Coming To Boho Bazaar That You Absolutely NEED To Shop From!

Listen up all you beautiful people, The EPIC Boho Bazaar is here, after 2 years of anticipation and we’re already planning a jolly good time at the fest. But with the change in season and dryness in the air, our skin tends to suffer a lot. But fret not, cause we care about you and your skin and have handpicked with utter care and safety some incredible beauty stores coming to Boho who’ll help pamper you and your skin to get that glowing skin and a million-dollar smile. So head on over to the fest and let these good folks spread their magic! 

1. Shyft Wellness 

If you don’t like the hassle of going to the gym every morning, don’t worry just sign up for the Shyft app to get personal coaching, DIY sessions, meditation classes, and even updates on your nutrition. It provides everything to you at the tip of your pinky. Now get your lazy ass out of bed and be the version of you that you wrote about in your New Year resolution diary. It’s never too late, especially with Shyft by your side. So meet them face to face at this year’s greatest Flea market from 8th - 10th April! 

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2. Thempco Botanicals

Protect your precious skin from those harsh chemical products and meet your new friend Thempco Botanicals as they produce 100% plant-based natural skin care products to let your skin rejuvenate at its most natural form. And when they say ‘natural’, they mean it! They use the earth’s essence by utilising chamomile, frankincense, lavender, and eucalyptus to bring your skin the smoothest and prettiest glow without any harsh chemical side effects. So don't forget to drop by their stall at Boho Bazaar!

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3. Azzah The Essence Of Life

Azzah brings you immaculately handcrafted perfumes to fit your incredible lifestyle. Not just your body, they’ve got aromatic fragrances for your house too with their collections of scented candles to create the perfect setting for your next candle-light date. Our favourites are the rose and caramel variants but you can choose from a wide variety to find the perfect match that suits your personality perfectly. Catch them this April at Boho Bazaar, to enhance your perfume game to a whole nother level.

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4. Indovia Perfumes

Indovia Perfumes is there to make you smell good, and when we say smell good we don’t mean just mean your clothes. Their fragrant range of body washes, that are not only free of harsh chemicals but also leave your skin smooth & hydrated with a sweet odour, will make you and your partner smile all day long. Their Atlantic Ocean Body Wash and Oud-e-Khas perfume make Indovia a definite stop at this year’s Boho Bazaar!

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5. Bbisous Deodorant

Good smelling deodorant and a confident person are a package deal that everyone should be aware of. And Bbisous Deodorants make sure that this secret is out in the world. Their simple naming: Brown, Blue, and Green reflect their idea of a sombre yet lasting fragrance with long-lasting confidence. So, make sure you too check out Bisous deodorants from their stall at Boho Bazaar!

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6. O'rive Organics

If you are someone who hates buying multiple products from multiple stores, then O'rive Organics is the perfect buddy for you. They have it all: body care, skin care, face care, and also hair care. All your pampering needs are met right at their doorsteps. So, they take care of your body and also the animals too, since they’re absolutely against animal cruelty and animal testing on products. Show up at their stall at Boho bazaar and make sure you check out their Vitality Nectar Face Oil and that Chic AF Hydra Mousse for glowing skin! 

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7. Boho Botanist

Boho Botanist is at a BOSS level in the business of organic beauty products. Their eye-catching cover design is a good sign of their incredible focus on details and their variety of products will leave you in awe. Their products also leave a sweet scent to nourish your skin all day long. They pretty much use all-natural ingredients to give you the perfect blend of oil or cream. Their Bulgarian Rose, Peony & Rosehip Body Milk is a sure shot product that will get snatched as soon as it’s up for sale on the 8th of April at Boho Bazaar, so make sure you rush to get these incredible products!

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8. Windsor Perfumery

Aroma is all Windsor Perfumery cares about, they are obsessed with filling every home with nothing but beautiful fragrance to lighten your heart and your day. Their collections of aromatic incenses and essential oils would make you addicted to that sweet loamy and flowery aroma. If we were you, we would quickly grab our pass for Boho to get in line to snatch these incredible products ASAP, especially the Chandan and Lavender candles that are sure to be in demand!

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9. Desi Western Perfumes 

With over 400 varieties of fragrances, Desi Western Perfumes as the name suggests. provides perfumes from both western as well as the desi world. They are the perfect link between both halves of the perfume world, and whatever fragrance you desire, they are there to get you that with their customised handcrafted perfumes. Their Eastern and Kashmiri Ouds are always in demand and if you want to set up a gift box, just let them know. Make sure you don’t miss their store at this year’s Boho Bazaar!

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So, pick up your favourite peeps and be ready to snag some of the best beauty products from these incredible stores at Boho Bazaar! Go, get those tickets NOW! 

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Please note: strict adherence to COVID protocols will need to be followed as per government guidelines, at the time of the event.

What | Boho Bazaar - The Epic Flea Market
When | 8 - 10th April, 2022 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Timings | 12 (Noon) To 10 PM
Where | Gate No 2, JLN Stadium, Delhi
Entry | Limited Early Bird Tickets At Rs 99 (Reduced From Rs 299) 
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